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At the heart of everything we do is the personalized care and customized attention we offer each of our clients and their specific goals.

To do that, we partner and integrate with some of the most innovative, leading-edge companies and services to ensure your needs are met and your expectations exceeded.

With the Right Connections, Great Things Can Happen

We Work Hard for You.

Here are just a few of the ways our valued partnerships have extended our capabilities to help you accomplish the exceptional:


Virginia Tech sold 8k+ Tickets with Flash Sales

Virginia Tech (VT) wanted to create exclusive ticket packages with a limited-time offer for fans to purchase on select Ticket Tuesdays.


VT created six different offers using FEVO’s easy-to-use platform and sold over 8k tickets to kick off the 2022 season.


Our Ticket Tuesday offers helped us sellout the Upper South Endzone for all six of our home football games this season. Combining Virginia Tech’s efforts with FEVO’s platform, we were able to effectively reach more of our fanbase and make a huge difference in our in-venue experience.

Patrick Ryan 

Executive General Manager, Ticket Sales & Service







Get To Know 

FEVO supplies nearly 90% of live-events brands in the U.S. with an enhanced checkout experience. Our Social CartTM allows shoppers to invite friends and followers to participate in their transactions, all without ever leaving a brand's dedicated website.  


FEVO's mission is to make shopping feel human again in a virtual world. It's a radical new vision of what it means to shop online, affording merchants greater flexibility with everything they sell and greater connectivity with everyone who buys it. 

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We offer video resources like our weekly PAC training series. You can also check out industry webinars with other associations like NACDA and INTIX, plus companies like Google!

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