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Community Insights

Monday, July 26

Enhance Your Salesforce Reporting with Cross-Filters

Understanding how to use the features of Salesforce reporting can provide greater insight and understanding of your data.

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Tuesday, June 29

Maximize Revenue During a Pandemic with Seat Level Pricing

Learn how KU deployed all the tools at their disposal to manage market price and demand, smarter and better, to beat goals in a challenging year.

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Friday, June 25

Apple iOS 15 Update & Impact on Email Marketing

Apple continues to release security and privacy features impacting email marketing. Be prepared for the changes this fall.

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Thursday, June 24

Full Capacity Announcements Lead to Sales

We finally have good news for live events so let's use the good news to increase ticket sales. See examples from the Pac…

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Wednesday, June 23

Behavior-Based Retargeting Like A Pro

Retargeting engaged audiences make your marketing efforts feel natural and lead to better conversion rates. Learn how to retarget like a pro!

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Tuesday, June 8

Pac Fund Dashboards are Here!

No more busy work downloading, collecting, correcting, manipulating data. Get answers with a simple click of the refresh button.

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Wednesday, May 26

Maximizing Your Ticket On Sale

Events are back! Check out these ideas to maximize your on-sale marketing efforts.

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Tuesday, May 18

Thought Leaders - Tech Talks: Take 3 with Lakshmi Ramaseshan

Lakshmi Ramaseshan, Senior Agile Coach for Paciolan, talks about building high-performing teams and psychological safety as the foundation that we keep…

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Thursday, Apr 29

Spring Cleaning Tips

As events wrap up for this season, now is a great time to clean up your Adobe Campaign and Salesforce instances.

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Monday, Apr 26

Fueling Your Subscriber Database with Digital Ads

Virginia Tech successfully utilizes digital advertising to increase subscriptions and web traffic.

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Wednesday, Apr 21

Now Available: Transfer Tickets via Email

New! Now patrons can transfer tickets using email addresses in My Account 2.0!

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Wednesday, Mar 17

Using Postseason Excitement for Generating Revenue & New Leads with Email Marketing

Take advantage of the hype of the postseason and check out these creative ways to generate revenue and new leads with email marketing. 

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