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Friday, Dec 9

Digital Marketing Holiday Wishlist

Learn about what strategies and latest initiatives are at the top of the Digital Marketing Team’s wishlist this year.

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Thursday, Dec 8

Tis the Season for ‘23 Renewals

Simple yet effective best practices utilizing the Salesforce platform can help set up your organization to navigate the renewal process efficiently.

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Monday, Dec 5

Upgrade your Renewal Strategy with Marketing Automation

As you prepare for your upcoming renewal cycle, take advantage of these Marketing Automation assets and campaigns to take your strategy to the next level!…

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Wednesday, Nov 16

Eye on the Prize: Platinum Seats Get a Snazzy New Marker + Faster Event Setups

Apply a Platinum Seat Marker to increase exposure to the "best" seats in the house by displaying seats with a diamond icon on the seat map.

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Monday, Nov 14

What Our Salesforce Team is Thankful for...

Learn what features the Salesforce Administration team is especially thankful for this year.

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Wednesday, Nov 9

Have some FUN with these FUNdraising Best Practices

With end-of-year solicitations around the corner, check out our refreshed marketing automation best practices for fundraising. 

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Friday, Oct 28

Seat Yourself! New and Improved Fan and Donor Experience at the 2022 Red River Showdown

The University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas gave donors a delightful seat selection process through the Ballena Seats3D and Seat Relocation…

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Wednesday, Oct 26

Dreamforce 2022 Recap

Hear our Sr CRM Manager, Christopher Carney, and Sr CRM Strategist, Andrew Campbell, key takeaways from Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual user…

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Friday, Oct 21

Tis The Season(s)

Your 2022 Guide To Digital Marketing Best Practices & Strategies To Utilize Before The New Year.

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Wednesday, Oct 19

Utilizing A New Digital Marketing Channel- TikTok

From trending songs and dances to everyday cooking recipes, TikTok has video content for all of its one billion users worldwide.

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Friday, Oct 14

Email Deliverability: Dos and Don’ts

Check out these email deliverability dos and don’ts to combat being marked as spam.

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Wednesday, Sep 28

Empower your team with Transfer Dashboard

The Data & Insights: Transfer Dashboard will give your team what they need to prepare for a successful event day, and then some!

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