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Community Insights

Friday, Mar 12

Apple iOS14 Update, Impact & Solutions

What seems like a small change by allowing iOS users to decide whether advertisers can track them on other websites and apps will have wide-ranging effects.…

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Wednesday, Mar 3

NEW Ballena Toolkit Launched

Use this guide to understand how to be able to collaborate all Ballena & Paciolan products to serve your customers the best experience possible.

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Monday, Feb 22

New: Timed Entry!

Wait no more. Control patron inflow with Timed Entry from Paciolan.

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Wednesday, Feb 10

Protect Your Fan's Experience

Events will be back, fans will once again pack your stadiums and venues, and preparation will be essential.

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Tuesday, Feb 9

Google Analytics Campaign Tracking

Each post in our Google Analytics series has mentioned the need for an effective campaign tracking strategy. The time has come to dive into the why.

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Monday, Feb 8

Enhance your Patron Experience with Souvenir Tickets

Technology has forced change in practically every experience and individual, even those most persistent on dwelling in the past.

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Thursday, Jan 21

Thought Leaders: Episode 23 with Jonathan Marks

The trends in 2020 provide us insights into pricing and sales strategies for the upcoming football season plus additional opportunities in 2021.

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Wednesday, Jan 20

The Contactless Payment Solution for the Sports & Entertainment Industry

Leverage the situation that COVID has created to your advantage by looking at contactless payment solutions such as gift cards.

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Tuesday, Jan 19

Thought Leaders - Tech Talks: Take 2 with Kevin Willis

Paciolan's Data & Insights team has been heads down the last few years, and this year, we are finally going to enjoy the fruit of their labor.…

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Tuesday, Jan 19

Thinking Outside of the Venue

Prompting us to reconsider how we do things, the pandemic has strengthened our potential for more than just the year ahead.

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Thursday, Jan 14

Thought Leaders: Episode 22 with Harry Lerner

Harry discusses the benefits of following the digital ticket's journey and capturing valuable data along the way, plus more trends in 2021.

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Thursday, Dec 17

Salesforce Year in Review

Recap your wins and track KPIs with a Year in Review Dashboard in Salesforce!

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