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Nov 17, 2020

21 Days to Prep for the 21 Season: Data-Driven Digital Marketing

In the movie, Any Given Sunday, Al Pacino delivers a powerful motivational speech to the Miami Sharks; "Just like football, life is a game of inches." This same mindset can be applied to this upcoming college athletics season.

The details in every strategy are ever more critical to driving efficiencies and performance. This portion of the 21 Days to Prep for the '21 Season blog series highlights the various digital marketing strategies you can utilize to promote season ticket renewals, opt-ins, leads, and drive new season tickets.

2020 Season Ticket Renewals

The uncertainty of the 2020 season and limited capacity scenarios has created season ticket challenges and opportunities. Most fans are anxious to attend live events again and renew their season tickets, and these fans may be looking for season ticket information sooner than later. It is recommended to advertise season ticket renewals as early as possible this year. Some schools have even already started the renewal process, so make sure you align your advertising with your renewal period.

TOP 3 Takeaways:

  1. Beginning with an engaging video to restore consumer confidence in the 2021 season before a message-based route to persuasion can be accomplished through Social and Display networks.
  2. Keep targeting concise with a customer match CRM list.
  3. It is essential that the renewal or opt-in landing page is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and describes all ticketing options. Season ticket holders may even be looking for this information even before the renewal period starts, so update your website content as soon as the information is available.

New Seasons & Premium Seating – Lead Gen

The excitement for live events also presents a unique opportunity to capture new customers and upsell existing customers. Given most consumers will be watching live entertainment from home, the demand for tickets and planning for the 2021 season may ramp up as early as mid-season 2020. Delivering Lead Generation advertising from December to February is a great way to cultivate qualified leads and initiate ticketing conversations for season tickets and premium seats.

TOP 3 Takeaways:

  1. Facebook Lead Generation advertising is an extremely efficient channel when leveraging look-a-like audiences of current season ticket holders and previous purchasers. Facebook will define demographics, psychographics, and targeting profiles which resonate with the ticketing option.
  2. Paciolan Salesforce users can easily sync the lead gen form directly from Facebook into their Salesforce account, so leads easily funnel into the sales team.
  3. Be prepared with a follow-up plan to reach these leads and turn them into sales.

21days-prep-21-season-digital-mktg-ok1.png     21days-prep-21-season-digital-mktg-ok2.png

New Season Tickets

21days-prep-21-season-digital-mktg-michigan.pngOnce the renewals and lead generation opportunities have been saturated, there is an opportunity to find customers for new season ticket sales. With expectations of a regular season next year, advertising the 2021 home game schedule and seating options will be advantageous. It is recommended to promote season tickets from February until mini-plans, and single-game tickets are on sale.

TOP 3 Takeaways:

  1. The long sales cycle will require multiple creative sets across Connected TV, YouTube, Social, Display, and Search channels; therefore, content creation and storytelling is a goal throughout the 2020 season.
  2. You can work with your Pac Digital account manager to develop effective prospecting audiences and fuel your marketing funnel.
  3. If you're working with a smaller advertising budget this year, be efficient with your media channel strategy and targeting tactics.


21 Days to Prep for the '21 Season Series:

authorPost by Alex Meshot, Digital Media Senior Specialist, Paciolan