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Nov 4, 2020

21 Days to Prep for the '21 Season: Marketing Automation Invoices

As you think about your renewal campaign for 2021, one of the most significant assets you can utilize with Marketing Automation is a Digital Invoice.

An invoice can be used to show customers a snapshot of their account in near real-time. Ticketing and donation data are populated straight from Adobe to display actual tickets and donations on specific accounts, along with payment amounts, credits, and balance dues.

Mobile or Hard Copy

Invoices can be set up to be a digital-only document that directs to eVenue to renew tickets and membership, or they can be designed to be printed and mailed in to help supplement or replace a paper application.

Customer Communication

To launch your invoices, you can send an email with a link for fans to view their account statement by merely clicking a link through an Adobe Marketing Automation email. This saves time and allows the customer to see their account details without having to log-in to eVenue. Personalized links can also be generated for accounts and loaded to Salesforce and eVenue like other Marketing Automation forms.


Standard Invoice Template.
Standard Invoice Template. Click to enlarge.

Invoice Creation with Standard Invoice Template

Creating your invoice can take as little as one week if you utilize our standard invoice template shown here. Sections and buttons can be hidden or displayed to fit your needs, along with your customized text. Donation data can be shown from both tFund and PACfund, on either the campaign/donation summary level or the usage/donation transaction level.


Examples: Standard Invoice Template

Here are examples of invoices created from our template, both for tickets and donations. These show how we can easily incorporate a credit amount in the total sections to show any rollover credits from 2020 that can be applied to their balance.

View enlarged examples for Miami, Pitt, & Michigan.


Examples: Modifications to Standard Invoice Template

Small modifications can be made to the template to show custom information like the account representative demonstrated in these examples.

View enlarged examples for Rutgers & Purdue.

blog_MAInvoice_SFDC__body-email 3.png

Examples: Custom Invoices

With more development time, custom invoices can be created to fit all your needs. Depending on the customizations required, custom invoices can take 3-5 weeks to develop but can be an incredible asset during your renewal period. Get ahead of the game and start your digital invoices today!

View enlarged examples for Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, NC State, & Wisconsin.

blog_MAInvoice_SFDC__body-email 2.png

blog_MAInvoice_SFDC__body-email 4.png


21 Days to Prep for the '21 Season Series:

authorPost by Michaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan