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Nov 13, 2020

21 Days to Prep for the 21 Season: Renewals, New Business, Salesforce, and You

The launch of any new season brings its own unique circumstances, and the upcoming season is undoubtedly no exception. Over the past year, irregularities and interruptions have shifted renewal and new business timelines, carrying forward new challenges into 2021. Tracking rollover credits, donation payments, interim seat locations, and renewal or purchase intent can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, you can utilize Salesforce to make this a seamless experience!


Work with your Salesforce administrator to load renewal opportunities for all eligible accounts. The renewal opportunity can then be your centralized hub for all things 2021 on an account by account basis – seat location, quantity and amount due, required donation, credit rolled over from 2020, Ballena selection time, etc.





Work with your Salesforce administrator to build the reports and dashboards to help you get the numbers you need and track your renewal progress.

Note – If you are a marketing automation customer, you can work with your Salesforce administrator to automatically close opportunities for anyone who renews online.


Image 3.png


image 4.png


Additional Ideas for Renewal Dashboard Tiles

  • Accounts who have opted out of email communication
  • Accounts who have/have not interacted with email communication
  • Accounts who have paid for their tickets but not their donation
  • Accounts with partial credits that need to complete payment
  • Accounts who missed their Ballena selection time


New Business

If you rolled over revenue from 2020 into 2021, your renewal window would likely be smaller as there is less revenue to secure. Take advantage of this by launching your new business campaign early, giving you more time to reach out to accounts you may not have had time to go after in years prior! Track all of this through Salesforce dashboards, so you have an accurate portrayal of which lists are working for your team, giving you the insights to pivot quickly away from underperforming lists and towards successful ones.

Ideas for New Business Leads to Pursue

  • Lapsed season ticket holders or opt-outs from the past season
  • Past mini-plan purchasers
  • Past group or Fevo purchasers
  • Past single-game purchasers (segmented by the number of individual games purchased)
  • Past StubHub purchasers
  • 4 and 5-star lead scored accounts
  • Accounts with a form submit in the past year
  • Accounts with multiple visits to high-value pages in the past year
  • Run a lead generation campaign through Facebook
  • Win back accounts who have not interacted with emails but may answer a phone call


Work with your Salesforce administrator to load in and scrub the above lists, plus any others you may consider.




21 Days to Prep for the '21 Season Series:

authorPost by Chris Carney, CRM Manager, Paciolan