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Dec 13, 2021

‘22 Renewals and You: Succeed with Salesforce in the New Year

Succeed with Salesforce in the New Year

As current seasons come to an end, it’s a great time to look forward to renewing your loyal fanbases into next year. As with the launch of any new season, there are unique opportunities and best practices to utilize the Salesforce platform for managing and tracking success across renewal Accounts. From managing seat donations to tracking year-over-year revenue totals, Salesforce is your one-stop shop for renewal tracking. Whether you are looking to reengage using Salesforce for the new season, or using the platform for the first time, using the following features can set you up for a successful 2022!


Work with your salesforce administrator to load renewal opportunities for all eligible accounts. The Opportunity can then be your cornerstone of data for all things 2022 on an account-by-account basis – seat location, quantity/amount due, required donation, Ballena selection time, etc. 


image 2.png


Work with your Salesforce Administrator to set up automated functionality to close renewal Opportunities for accounts that renew organically online. Utilizing this functionality allows the technology to work for you, by automatically closing Opportunities to a ‘Closed Won’ stage for accounts that take advantage of online renewal access. This can free up crucial selling time for your account executives and shift the focus, primarily, to at-risk accounts.


Work with your salesforce administrator to build reports and dashboards that reflect key data points and KPI’s during your renewal period. Provide visuals to tell success stories from month to month. Compare data from last year to this year, showing growth year-over-year. Use reporting to get aggregate data on added and dropped seats, in real-time, as account executives work through their call lists. And much more!

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Additional ideas for renewal Dashboard components:


  • Accounts who have opted out of email communication
  • Accounts who have/have not interacted with email communication
  • Accounts who have paid for their tickets but not their donation
  • Accounts with partial credits that need to complete payment
  • Accounts who missed their Ballena selection time

authorPost by Andrew Campbell, Analyst - CRM, Paciolan