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Apr 18, 2018

A Look at Audiences in Digital Marketing


As you plan your digital marketing strategy, it’s important to consider all of the different digital audiences within your target audience. There are several ways to segment your audiences and layer different audience settings within a target.


Target Audiences


Here is a quick glance at what you can do with your audiences in digital:


Website Retargeting: This audience is aggregated from your website visitors and can be segmented based on their behavior on different pages of your website. This is a very effective audience for driving conversions for specific items.


Cart retargeting: The cart-abandonment retargeting audience is based on visitors that put an item in their cart, but did not complete the purchase. This is a very effective audience for retargeting in general, but not always the best option for targeting a specific item or ticket type.


CRM Retargeting: Creating audiences based on your existing database is always a best practice in marketing! With CRM retargeting, we are able to take your existing customer lists and repurpose those in the digital world to create a very precise target audience. 


Interest & Affinity Prospecting: These audiences include users who have shown interest in specific categories based on their cookie history or online profile. These are leveraged to help bring in new customers to your website.


Lookalike: Based on your existing retargeting audiences, we can create a lookalike audience that segments people who are very similar to your existing fans or patrons.  Somewhere in between retargeting and prospecting, lookalike audiences help expand your reach while staying within an extremely relevant audience.  


Geotargeting & Demographics: Geotargeting keeps your advertising contained to a specific geographical location as an added layer to your audiences. In addition to location, you can narrow down further with demographics based on age, gender, income and more.



Excluded Audiences


Make sure you’re keeping those valuable impressions in front of prospective buyers by being strategic with the audiences you exclude from a campaign. In most cases, any audience can also become an excluded audience.  Specifically, best practices show a few audiences who are prudent to exclude from certain marketing campaigns.


Subscriptions / Season Ticket Holders: Utilizing your CRM lists, just like we would with your CRM Retargeting audience, we can segment exclusion lists. By pulling a list of previous purchasers (or Subscribers/Season Ticket holders), we can be sure to exclude anyone that is irrelevant for the current campaign. Thus, saving those valuable impressions and marketing dollars.


Competitive markets (not typical): Occasionally, promotions for a specific event might be conflicting with another nearby market or rival area. In this case, we can exclude based on Geo-targeting to leave out a specific location.


For more information about optimizing your digital marketing outreach, contact the Paciolan Marketing team.