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Dec 10, 2019

Ask An Expert: OTT Video Marketing

We chatted with Leah Baumgartner, one of our expert Digital Marketing Strategists, to discuss video campaigns and learn more about how to utilize an OTT Marketing Strategy.


DEH-All-Mock.pngWhat exactly does OTT mean?


An OTT or “Over The Top” Marketing Strategy refers to using digital video campaigns to lay “over the top” of traditional cable buying. This type of strategy helps bridge the gap between your digital marketing efforts and your traditional broadcast ads by reaching viewers wherever they happen to be watching.


As more households begin to consume all video content over the internet, an OTT strategy incorporating online video and connected TV ads is a vital addition to your traditional broadcast campaigns.  This ensures that your ads display while viewers are watching on any external streaming devices (Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast etc.) as well as on traditional browser-based platforms.


CTV-PlatformsDevices.pngWhat type of targeting is available for digital video campaigns?


OTT targeting varies based on the device that the viewer is watching your ad on. Connected TVs are generally shared by the whole family so those campaigns (or ad groups) have broader targeting, focusing mostly on the household as a whole.  Streaming on native web apps, whether via tablet, mobile or desktop, allows for more direct user targeting including custom intent audiences, demographic information, and retargeting just like your other digital marketing campaigns.


Depending on your goals for the campaign our digital marketing specialists work with you to make sure that your targeting is reaching the right fans with the right message regardless of platform.



Should this be considered broadcast, or is it part of digital marketing? 


The simple answer is both. OTT advertising uses digital marketing platforms to reach broadcast viewers who have cut cords and now consume the same content through streaming methods rather than cable.


With these campaigns, we have the ability to target the same premium channels and networks that were traditionally only available via broadcast. This gives you unparalleled reach and opportunity to stay in front of your audience. OTT should be viewed as a top-funnel awareness play that is incremental to your digital marketing efforts and consequently should be funded by your Broadcast budget, not digital.



Is the reporting the same as our other digital marketing campaigns?




The Marketing Services team provides a Datorama Dashboard incorporating all of your campaigns into one dashboard giving an overview of performance across all platforms and campaigns.  This allows you to get a more holistic overview of your marketing efforts and make sure your campaigns are working together to help you achieve your goals.


While broadcast still utilizes standard GRP (Gross Rating Point) metrics, digital marketing can give you more detailed information on impressions, engagement, view through rate, and even video completion rates at any point during the campaign.  Since these campaigns target the middle ground between digital and broadcast audiences you want to make sure you are focusing on the KPI’s that have the most value for each campaign type. 


One benefit of utilizing Paciolan for your OTT marketing is the availability of reporting at both the individual campaign level, as well as the account level giving you more visibility to the comprehensive impact of your marketing. Regular meetings with your digital marketing specialist provide a chance to review your results, discuss analysis and make any tweaks to campaigns in real time. 



Reach out to [email protected] to get started working with our Marketing Services team, or contact your Digital Marketing Specialist for more information on how to utilize an OTT strategy on your current campaigns.