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May 26, 2020

Account Ownership and Salesforce

Having multiple reps reach out for similar asks can create a confusing and disjointed experience that can reflect poorly on your overall operations. Account ownership is a great way to ensure you have a single voice representing your organization in a personal, 1 to 1 relationship with a patron. 

ownership_accounts.pngHowever, often your relationships with your customers are more complex than this. Multiple people may have varying levels of responsibility to a given individual, and more than one department may need to claim some degree of ownership. For example, you may have a contact at Paciolan for salesforce administration, marketing automation, digital marketing, as well as your client partner.

ownership_footer.pngLuckily, all of this can be tracked through Salesforce. In addition to the standard account owner field, additional ownership fields can be created to establish all of an account's representatives. These fields can then be used to generate reports and dashboards within Salesforce or be pulled into marketing automation for personalization in your email campaigns.

authorPost by Chris Carney, Senior CRM Analyst, Paciolan