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July 30, 2018

Apple Wallet Enhancements

As part of Paciolan’s ongoing commitment to improving the overall consumer experience, we’re excited to announce the latest enhancement to our digital ticketing offering. Organizations are now able to uniquely personalize their mobile tickets for Apple Wallet© and customize them with distinctive branding.  


passbook_1.pngEnhancements include more precise control over the description of the pass that appears on the 'Add to Wallet' dialog on the back of the pass, as well as the organization name that appears on the iPhone lock screen or Apple Watch. This is especially important for organizations that use beacons to trigger the automatic display of tickets. The passes look a lot more branded and sleek due to the ability to maintain background, text and foreground colors. Plus, Apple Wallet passes now support high-resolution images for iPhone models with advanced graphics capabilities, which adds the ability to include rich images on the front of the pass. 














passbook_2.pngThe back of the pass also has new and interactive capabilities. Organizations are now able to include a clickable venue address on the back of the pass. This means that fans can tap the address and receive driving or walking directions to the venue directly from the pass. Clickable telephone numbers are now supported on the back of the pass, including custom phone labels and vanity numbers, allowing patrons to contact the box office or venue with just one tap. Organizations can now also include text on the pass back that's different from the text that appears on the 'last page' of a mobile ticket. This unique description also supports inline hyperlinks. 














Those who are using existing Wallet functionality for event passes should experience a seamless transition to the new user interface, with any existing color, beacon and pass back values converting over. It should be noted, however, that the new interface will validate any existing values and may require corrections where necessary. 

For any questions about the new Apple Wallet functionality, please contact your Client Partner.


By clicking the address on the back of the pass, fans are able to immediately and automatically receive directions to the event.



The phone number on the back of pass is clickable, making it easy for fans and customers to reach the box office, a customer service line, or any customizable number with a tap of their finger. 



For those venues that utilize beacons, customized verbiage is now enabled for the alert that pops up on fans locked phone screens as they approach the facility.



Fans with an AppleWatch will see their ticket, with custom text, pop up on their wrist as they approach the venue.