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July 12, 2019

Ask an Expert: Paid Search Marketing

We sat down with one of Paciolan’s in-house Google experts, Natasha Frisch, and discussed some of the most commonly asked questions about paid search marketing.


Q: I already show up first in organic search results related to my events? So why should I pay to be there?


A: This is definitely a question that I hear a lot. It’s important to remember that the top sponsored results show up above organic results. And you also have to keep in mind consumer behavior in terms of preference of organic or paid search results. Some people prefer one over the other while others just look for the most relevant option.


In addition, you don’t have control over what appears organically but you do with paid search. You can control the message and the destination of a click. And possibly most importantly paid search can keep your competitors from trying to take your customers because if you are not bidding on your core keywords a competitor most likely is.


Lastly, paid search ads complement your organic listings and have been proven to lead to incremental traffic. They are key part of a holistic marketing plan. Providing a touchpoint everywhere the customer goes will contribute to your overall success and brand recognition.


Q:  Ok, but does it really matter if my listing shows up in a top position?


A: It absolutely matters. Click through rates on results in the first position can be even triple that of links in the second position. And the click through rates on the top three positions are significantly higher than positions four through six.



Q: Does being a paid Google advertiser provide access to information that I cannot otherwise get?


A: Yes! The key point here is access to actionable data. Advertisers can get a mountain of valuable insights via Google’s tools, and your Paciolan digital marketing specialist is available to work with you to interpret and act upon those insights.



For example, you can view the search terms that users are actually typing in and understand their volume trends. Google reporting will also show you who else is bidding on your keywords or product terms.


Endless insights into your audience are available. Are your fans clicking on your ad on their mobile devices, but converting on their desktops? Do males have a higher click-through-rate but females produce higher conversion rates? Are people searching for your tickets outside of your expected geographic area? What other interests do your fans have? Find out!


Q: How can search marketing help me compete against the secondary market and competing events?


A: Having a strong search presence is one of the best ways to prevent being drowned out by a flood of non-partner secondary ticket sellers and competing events. As the venue, paid search enables you to broadcast your place as the “Official Ticket Source”, and your paid ads will push secondary sources further down the page. Paid search can be viewed not only as an offensive strategy but a defensive strategy as well.


Contact your Paciolan Digital Marketing Specialist or email us for more information about paid search.