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Sep 4, 2019

DevJam Teams Compete to Fight Friction

It was an exciting week at Paciolan as we hosted our latest DevJam!  Similar to a hack-a-thon, a DevJam brings teams together to take a step back from current projects and compete to create the most innovative prototype solutions.


Ten teams consisting of 60 participants


were given 48 hours to work on a solution to reduce friction for our clients and/or internal teams. 


With many teams grinding late into the night, everyone worked hard to create solutions to improve features and streamline processes – while having a lot of fun along the way.


The Paciolan leadership team served as the Shark Tank-style judging panel and was very impressed by the variety of creative solutions presented. 


This year’s winner was Team ‘Low k, No k’, named in honor of the coefficient for friction in physics. They reduced fan sales friction by linking social login to a fan’s account, and worked on an innovative solution to reduce operational friction with enhanced on-sale monitoring using data visualizations.


We are looking forward to finding ways to implement many of the ideas that were presented into our products going forward.


Reigning Champions:

Low k, No k

Low K No K.jpg   IMG_5715.jpeg

Raj Tatta, Arun Chandra, Venkat Pakalapati, Hans Lee, Daniel Stauffer, Dominic Ma, Jun Sub Choi, Derek Cornelius, Tiffany and Jason Lee



Time to Team Up!    

DSC_0821.jpg   DSC_0819.jpg

263A8E0D-56A5-4DF4-A9D4-76D7C9A6F581.jpg  B9BF8633-018D-4640-8AF3-604205C9048C.jpg  57B40A56-EF9D-4F64-93B4-7DAC377AB8F8.jpg  DevTeams.png

Hard @ Work

IMG_5645.jpg   IMG_5585.jpeg

IMG_5596.jpeg   IMG_5589.jpeg   IMG_5600.jpeg        

Let the Judging Begin! 

 DSC_0995.jpg   DSC_0988.jpg


IMG_5760.jpeg   DSC_0955.jpg    

IMG_5780.jpeg   IMG_5805.jpeg