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Sep 21, 2020

Automated Mobile Ticketing Reminders

Many clients are entering the world of mobile tickets for the first time this fall. For some of your customers, this may be the first time they have used a mobile ticket. Education and communication are essential to ensure your fans have a good customer experience regarding mobile ticketing.

Marketing Automation Reminders

One easy win that Marketing Automation can provide is an automatic reminder for fans to download their tickets before Game Day. This workflow can be set up to find events in two days, identify fans with a mobile ticket for that game, identify fans who have received a transferred mobile ticket, and send those customers a quick reminder to download their ticket before the game. The workflow can be customized with exclusions like only receiving a reminder once a month, removing fans who scanned in successfully already this season, etc.

Mobile Ticketing Email Examples

Click on the image below to view enlarged image of these excellent email examples.


If you are looking for more ideas, visit the resources section of the Mobile Ticketing Playbook for various templates based on what technology you are implementing. (mobile tickets, NFC mobile tickets, My Account 2.0 ticket management, etc.). The Mobile Ticketing Playbook also has some great examples of education pieces for your fans.


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authorPost by Michaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan