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Apr 14, 2020

Automated Thank You Campaigns

Trying to find the best way to keep in touch with your fanbase during quarantine can be tough. The good news is we are still seeing some new season tickets sold and existing season tickets renewed. Through Marketing Automation, you can automatically reach out to those fans post-purchase with a customer service touchpoint thanking them for their purchase.



Keep it Simple 

Email deliveries can be uncomplicated – a quick thank you from the coach or student-athlete. Do you have access to your video crew? Throw in a quick video thank you from your head coach for an extra touch.






Donation.pngThank Your Donors 

Automated thank you campaigns can also be applied to Pac Fund and tFund donations. Make your message even more personal by customizing the specific message based on the allocation the customer donated to or particular usage.







upsell.pngA Chance to Upsell

What else may your customers be interested in after they purchase tickets? Do you sell tailgate packages or seatbacks? Do you offer exclusive ticket deals to season-ticket holders? Utilize an automated thank you for an opportunity to upsell your customers or provide links to relevant information about upcoming events.



Use Available Data 

Automated thank you emails sent through Marketing Automation can also include specific transaction data. You can even add personalized sales representative information straight from Salesforce. With a few more steps during set up, you can include variable data in your emails to turn them into a secondary confirmation email.




Ready to set up your automated thank you campaign? Contact your Marketing Automation Representative to get started!


authorPost by Michaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan