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Aug 31, 2021

Be Prepared with the Operational Readiness Guide

As opening day draws near, the anticipation and excitement escalate as all your setup and preparation are tested when the doors open.

It's natural to have jitters. So let us help relieve those jitters for you. Perform a quick review of your plan with our article collection, and you'll be feeling confident and ready to roll. Here's to a successful season!


blog-event_Readiness-body-digital-barcode.jpgEvent Preparation and Readiness

The opening event is around the corner, and there may be a bit of anxiety and second-guessing about the operational pieces coming together. Questions form like, "Did I forget to…?" or "What have I missed?" This document helps you review and determine your operational readiness.

Calm Your Nerves


blog-event_Readiness-body-digital-unexpected.jpgBe Ready for the Unexpected

There's wisdom in planning for an unforeseen event. As the adage goes, "An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure." Knowing how to adjust your operations if there's a sudden interruption helps with a thoughtful response.

Make a Plan


Mobile Pass Analytics

Leading up to the event, you can view the data and insights found in the Digital Wallet dashboard to determine whether 'Add to Wallet' education materials need to be promoted or potential staff add-ons need to be prepared.


Digital Wallet Insights


blog-event_Readiness-body-mobile-faq.jpgMobile FAQs

With the adoption of mobile ticketing, helping consumers acclimate to the new technology solidifies future customers' adoption. This article provides tips for helping you troubleshoot consumer questions.

Answers at Your Fingertips


If you like this article, be sure to visit the PAC Community 'Return of Live Events: Event Setup & Prep Toolkit', where you'll find even more resources.

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