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June 23, 2021

Behavior-Based Retargeting Like A Pro

Ever receive a timely email that nudges you to buy those jeans or attend that concert?

Retargeting engaged audiences make your marketing efforts feel natural and lead to better conversion rates. Read on for ideas on how to utilize Marketing Automation to launch Behavior-Based Retargeting campaigns.

What Do We Mean by Behavior-Based Retargeting?

Based on the actions a user takes with your email, you can deliver targeted messages to a smaller, more engaged audience. Maybe a user opened but didn’t click a sales email or clicked but never purchased tickets to that event. They are more likely to be interested in purchasing tickets, so rather than spamming your entire database, focus your efforts on this group using the methods below.

Retargeting Filters

blog-Behavior_Based_Retargeting-body-email-1.jpgYou can create one-off retargeting emails easily using Marketing Automation’s powerful filtering tools. Create an open but not clicked filter like this below using the Tracking Logs table and the “do not exist such as” operator.

You can combine Tracking Logs Table with Orders Table to build a filter looking for accounts who have clicked on an email but blog-Behavior_Based_Retargeting-body-email-2.jpghaven’t purchased a ticket yet for that specific event with a filter like this. Using a new parenthesis level and the “do not exist such as” operator will ensure your filter renders accurately.

Retargeting Campaigns

Enhance Behavior-Based Retargeting with powerful Marketing Automation workflows. Take your customers on a true journey as they consider making a purchase. You can send an initial email to a larger population and then send users down a path based on what items they show interest in by opening or clicking an email.

These more complex workflows are great for items with a long on-sale runway like season tickets or an event with extra inventory.

To extend the life of your campaign, base your entry criteria on web visit activity rather than email opens/clicks, so new patrons are being added to the flow each day. This is a true set it and forget it automation that can run in the background for weeks or even months and deliver targeted messages to relevant audiences.

The best way to get started on Behavior-Based Retargeting is to sketch out your ideal scenario of emails and follow-up steps. Your Marketing Automation Representative will work with you to refine and build out the perfect workflow for your campaign.

Check out these examples below of successful campaign diagrams and accompanying retargeting emails.

Purdue Example



Wisconsin Example


Connect with Digital Marketing or Salesforce

Want to take your behavior-based campaign to the next level? Export any filter population, like the retargeting filters shown above, and use that list as a retargeting population in a digital marketing paid ad campaign. If you utilize Paciolan Salesforce Administration consulting, we can help you connect retargeting audiences in a more extensive touchpoint campaign with Tasks or Opportunities.

Reach out to your Marketing Automation Representative today to start retargeting like a pro!

authorPost by Michaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan