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Nov 12, 2021

Best Practices for an Engaging Holiday Email Campaign

As we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday, check out these tips to push your email engagement to new heights over the holidays.

Create a sense of mystery around your deal

The retail sector does a great job driving email engagement when selling products. Borrow this strategy and drive click-through rates by not revealing every part of your holiday deal directly in your email body. Instead, spark the curiosity of your fan and force them to click through the email or enter a promo code on your website to see the special package you have designed.

Mix up your email design

Try using a simple GIF in your email instead of a static image to grab the attention of your fans.

Friar GIF.gif

Do you always send text-only emails? Try adding images that are optimized for mobile with concise information about your deals to mix things up.

Get creative with your target population.

Inboxes will be flooded over the holidays, so be mindful of how many emails you send to the same target population. A targeted email strategy will decrease the chance you are marked as spam during the holiday email blitz.

If a fan is interested in your deals by opening or clicking your initial launch email, retarget them through a quick behavior-based campaign. Engaging fans active in your campaign but not making a purchase yet will yield better results than sending mass emails all week long. Learn more about behavior-based campaigns here

Create packages and deals that fans want to purchase

Holiday deals can be a great way to move hard-to-sell inventory, but be sure to have one or two showstopper deals that your fans can't resist. These great deals don't always have to be price cuts. They could be memorable experiences or limited-edition merchandise that fans don't usually have access to.

authorMichaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan