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May 7, 2020

Increase Student Attendance: A Case Study

Boosting Student Game Attendance by Going Mobile-First 

Every university athletic department works to increase or maintain levels of student attendance at games/events. Bowling Green State University (BGSU) is no different.


In prior years, BGSU students swiped IDs to enter home games. While this was easy for students and the ticket office, the athletic department did not gain meaningful data into student attendance. Also, too many students go without their proper IDs. It was common for student IDs to be shared, or to be lost, or not carried on their person.

BGSU wanted to improve student attendance systematically.

More often than not, most universities aren’t looking at the student ticketing process. They’re looking at the bells and whistles and marketing aspect of the event.

Paul Bezdicek, Associate AD of Ticketing and Analytics

blog_caseStudy_BGSU_Phones-MA2.png blog_caseStudy_BGSU_Phones-Passes.png

They tried the student claims process, with benefits such as providing an accurate estimate of student attendance, the ability to support mobile tickets, and drive sales of guest tickets. This process, however, still left opportunity for improvement with some steps seeming cumbersome and prone to user-error. Some confused students needed to call the ticket office for help. So, the BGSU athletic department took the opportunity to test and land on another solution.

Now, BGSU leverages Paciolan’s My Account 2.0, the self-service account-based solution that allows for students to access, purchase guest tickets, and manage their tickets. By pre-loading season tickets to student accounts, BGSU reaps the benefits of a convenient and secure system that improves student attendance.




There is no ideal student ticketing system or process. The solution is one that makes it incredibly easy for students to get tickets and attend events.

Paul Bezdicek, Associate AD of Ticketing and Analytics



Increase student attendance by changing the ticketing system to benefit students and the ticket office


  1. Less friction and fewer steps to give students a low barrier to entry
  2. Data for the ticket office to improve operations and marketing
  3. Mobile-friendly - 3 out of 4 visits to the BGSU website is from a mobile device
  4. A self-service system to satisfy customer expectations



Using Paciolan’s My Account 2.0, BGSU generates and uploads season tickets to students’ accounts. It takes 20 seconds for students to connect their accounts - once they do, they can use it forever. My Account 2.0 is a mobile-first platform, letting students use their mobile phones to access and manage their tickets. Forgot your tickets? Not unless you forgot your mobile phone, too. In addition to the convenience for students, the athletic department takes advantage of usage and engagement data for insights, planning, and marketing.


The BGSU athletic department raises awareness during orientation week to onboard Freshmen in particular. The staff activates students to their accounts on the spot.


  1. Student account activation only needs to be done once.
  2. Ticket operations can view insights and data such as engagement and attendance, allowing them to segment their marketing and be more relevant.
  3. My Account 2.0 ‘grows up’ with students through their university years and beyond
  4. A mobile platform is safer and more convenient than paper tickets or student ID swiping. Students always carry their phones, after all.



  1. Student attendance increased 100% compared to the same time YOY
  2. Student guest revenue increased by 20%