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Aug 6, 2019

Reach Cord Cutters with Connected TV Advertising

How do you make sure your broadcast ads are connecting with audiences as more and more users are drawn to binge watching thier favorites instead of traditional weekly television?  Take advantage of Connected TV Advertising to find your fans wherever they are viewing, allowing your digital marketing to help bridge the gap to achieve your broadcast goals.


More than 50% of the US population currently uses a connected tv and that number is expected to hit 60% by 2022. Additionally, the number of households that have turned away from traditional cable service completely and switched to SVOD (Streaming Video On CTVgraph.jpgDemand) services has increased 48% in the past 8 years.  Currently totaling over 16 million homes as of 2018, and continuing to grow.

While CTV ads are set up similar to current digital marketing campaigns, the audience is closer to a traditional cable viewer. That makes it important to remember these homes when considering how to spend your broadcast budget.

With a Programatic TV marketing strategy you are able to connect with viewers on any device they are using to stream their content, now including Smart TVs that connect to the Internet and external devices.




  • CTV-blog-pd7.pngConnect with cord-cutter households
  • Buy all the same broadcast networks, studios and platforms as traditional TV at a significantly cheaper rate
  • Fans are more actively engaged with viewing content
  • Defaults with the sound on for a more engaged viewing experience
  • Insights and Metrics on engagement
  • Reporting in digital marketing dashboard


Best Practices

  • Connect with fans on their SmartTV or external streaming device Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast etc.) in addition to your current programatic campaigns.
  • Focus on engagement KPIs – impressions, completion rate and CPCV (cost per completed view)
  • Think about your audience – shows/events with strong online presence, target messaging for younger fans and families
  • Engaging video creative with a memorable hook


What You Need

  • HD Video Creative in 1080p (1920x1080)
    • MP4 File
    • 15-30 Secnds
  • Recommended starting budget: $2,500-5,000




  • University of Oklahoma



  • Fox Theatre Atlanta



  • PLL - Premiere Lacrosse League



  • USC