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Mar 30, 2020

Community Trends during COVID-19

Take This Time to Prepare to Elevate Services to Your Fans

As your team adapts to a "work from anywhere" approach, it's an excellent opportunity to take a moment to review your strategy. Proactively identifying opportunities now will help you prepare for when the current conditions have passed.  The Paciolan team is here to help implement strategies, technologies, and services to provide your customers with a great experience. 


Communicating Timelines 

VT EmailF.pngDetails on the current situation change quickly, and timelines rapidly adjust, which makes communicating with your fans more crucial than ever. Creating a communication plan to provide details as they become available will help create a sense of comfort and reassurance that the current circumstances are being managed.


When thinking about your communication plan, it is essential to keep the following in mind:


Communicate Changes with Transparency

  • Communicate changes to highly visible dates (renewal deadlines, seat relocation timelines, on-sales, delivery dates) as soon as possible.
  • Set expectations as best as you can with exact dates to help create comfort that normalcy is on the horizon. 




Lean into Technology with Added Flexibility


Ballena Seat Relocation Processes

  • Take advantage of increased engagement with your virtual Ballena experience to provide self-help seat selection and reduce a rush of phone calls to your box office.  
  • Evaluate altering timelines and condensing selections to increase visibility and interest.
  • Align with the shortened internal deadlines for items such as ticket printing or inventory on-sales, which may impact your process this year.


Auburn.pngPayment Plans

  • Consider altering your payment plans to offer more financial flexibility and deeper deadlines.


Mass Outreach Through Marketing Automation

  • Keep communication simple and easy by leveraging marketing automation forms to survey and capture fan preferences on season ticket credits or rollovers.


Highlight Your Mobile Strategy

  • With the ever-changing conditions, shortened deadlines, and a desire to deliver to your clients immediately, there is an opportunity now more than ever to shift to a "mobile-only" culture.
  • ConnectedPasses-Mobile.pngBenefits of moving to mobile-only delivery include
    • Cost reduction in printing
    • Deliver tickets quickly in an expedited timeline
    • Improved technology and convenience for your fans​​​​​
    • Increased speed of entry into your venue
    • Hygienic no-touch "tap and go" access into your venue


Log onto the Community Portal to find detailed instructions on Mobile Delivery Set Up for Apple Wallet and Google Pass.


For additional examples, check out our blog on Mobile First Email Templates.


eCommerce Spring Cleaning 


With events on pause as we monitor the developing situation, now is an excellent time to review your eCommerce setup, including your official website and eVenue pages, to prepare for when demand roars back.


Spring Cleaning Checklist 


PYO Seat Maps

  • Create copies for upcoming seasons
  • Update or create new maps


Verify Google Analytics Implementation

  • Ensure the proper account ID across eVenue and your main website
  • Confirm cross-domain tracking is in place
  • User management - clean out old users and access
  • Review or set standardized tracking terms


Site Navigation and Flow

  • Review all links from your main site to eVenue are accurate
  • Clean up eVenue navigation
  • Remember to check mobile as well
  • Optimize your schedule pages with integrated ticketing links


Back Office Cleanup

  • Condense and remove item groups as necessary and update messaging
  • Remove old seasons – general sales, item groups, promos, selling parameters, StubHub setup


Log onto the Community Portal to find more suggestions on 'Spring Cleaning - Removing Digital Clutter.'


Communicating regularly and offering easy processes that provide fans flexibility gives them more confidence to make a transaction. Work with your Paciolan team to capitalize on strategies that will prepare your organization for the future while enhancing the customer experience.