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Aug 24, 2020

Creating Your Marketing Automation Form

Looking to collect information from your fans? Maybe it is their allocation preferences for their unused ticketing and donation funds or simply their intention of purchasing tickets or not in the future.

You can use Marketing Automation and Salesforce to seamlessly collect information, automatically confirm their decision, and track and report on overall responses. This blog post will walk you through the options you have when setting up Marketing Automation forms.

Setting Up Your Form

When you are ready to collect information from your fans, you can use a Marketing Automation form to ties responses back to specific accounts. You can preload contact information on these forms and reduce the number of items your customers need to complete, which will help your completion rate increase.


Different Versions for Different Audience Segments

Forms can also be customized based on different groups of customers. This Wisconsin example shows a version for a fan with tickets only, and a second version for a fan with tickets and donations on their account to reallocate.


Adding Visibility Logic

Visibility rules on forms can be a powerful tool when creating custom forms and surveys. This Oklahoma example shows how you can use the answer to one question (if they would like to opt in or out of tickets for this season) to populate more data you are looking to collect based on their response. For this example, if fans opt in, they can go ahead and submit the form, but if they opt out, they need to read through their options to reallocate funds and then make a choice before submitting.


Confirmation Landing Page

Another to consider when creating your form is a confirmation page. A custom page can be set up with images and/or text to let fans know they have submitted the form correctly. You can even redirect fans to another webpage after a period of time on the confirmation page. Wisconsin took advantage of this feature, where they confirmed a fan’s successful submission and then redirected to their new Badger Legacy Campaign microsite after 10 seconds.


Forms can also be set up to limit user responses to one response per account ID or email address, which can be very helpful for your operations team. You can customize the error message to display unique images and/or text if a fan attempts to submit a form a second time.

Wisconsin Already Submitted Page.jpg

Reach out to your Marketing Automation Representative to strategize on form creation today!


authorPost by Michaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan