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May 15, 2018

Creative Options for Social Marketing — Facebook and Instagram

Social Marketing has opened up a whole world of opportunity to reach fans where they already spend much of their time.  Social ad placements work together with retargeting and search to maintain contact with your fans across the web, filling an important role in any comprehensive digital marketing strategy.  In addition to more traditional digital ads, Facebook also offers unique opportunities to post eye-catching ads that include the event information and ‘Buy Tickets’ links within creative that engages the fans and feels less like an ad they might see elsewhere on the web.  These placements can help highlight different parts of your event experience and give your fans a taste of the live-event excitement they can expect from coming to your venue.


Some of the additional placements on Facebook are carousel ads, slideshows, 360-degree photos, discount offer ads, as well as full-screen canvas and Instagram story ads.

  • Carousel ads allow you to choose 4-8 photos each with their own caption and link.  This can be used to highlight multiple events, include photos of opening acts as well as the headliners, to show views from different parts of your stadium/venue, or possibly featuring the coach and some top players.  


  • Similarly, the slideshow function allows you to layer photos into a 15-second automated slideshow that does not require your fan to click through a gallery and will autoplay in their newsfeed.  


  • 360 degrees ads can be shot with a 360 camera, however, these can also be set up by stitching together multiple graphics or by using a panorama photo that allows fans to pan across a wide view.  


  • Offer ads are another great way to engage and reward your social fans by allowing you to offer discounts a few different ways. The benefits to using this functionality instead of just running a traditional ad with the discount are that you can set limits (first 100 fans), create/upload unique user codes, or just use a standard campaign promo code. Additionally, these offer ads also use Facebook’s bookmark functionality so that users can save the offer if they aren’t ready to purchase right away and are then prompted to complete their purchase before the offer is about to expire, helping to make sure to close the purchase loop.


  • Facebook Canvas and Instagram Stories ads have similar displays. When the ad is clicked on facebook or served in IG stories a more immersive full-screen takeover version is launched. They allow you to combine certain parts of the above creative options into a single full screen ad experience by stacking the elements so you have a video on top with a caption and buy tickets button underneath, followed by a carousel to scroll through some action shots below and a panorama shot of the arena that you can pan back and forth on etc., some additional information and another buy tickets button. These ads are very customizable and allow lots of flexibility depending on what you would like to highlight and what assets that you have available.  To streamline the process for getting started with your first Canvas ad there is a template with specific assets, however, any of the items can be swapped out or removed and additional elements can be added in if desired. Click here to see a video of a Canvas Ad for Stanford Cardinals 2017 Group Tickets. Or click here to walk through the Philadelphia Flyers Canvas ad we launched last year.


In addition to your traditional digital campaigns, Facebook and Instagram offer some unique and engaging ways of connecting with your fans and creating excitement for your events.  Trying some of these other ad placements can be a great way to see what kind of copy connects best with your fans and offering them another way to engage with your ads that don’t feel the same as your other digital campaigns.  As we have become more and more familiar with the way that online advertising works, these are opportunities for a softer approach to sales by offering your fans an engaging experience they enjoy while still encouraging them to buy more tickets. For more information about any of these ad types or to get started on a campaign please reach out to the digital marketing team. We will be happy to help walk you through the process. 

-Jules Butler ([email protected])