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Sep 17, 2018

Early Adoption and Utilizing Best Practices Leads to Digital Marketing Success

Digital marketing opportunities evolve at a fast pace. The Paciolan Digital Marketing team stays up to date on the latest strategies to make the most of your digital campaigns.

NC State has been an early adopter of several digital marketing opportunities, utilizing all best practices to create engaging ads and drive returns. Their team does it all, including Search, Display, Social with Facebook and Instagram, Marketing Automation, and integration into Salesforce. For this year so far, their digital marketing is currently yielding a $20 : $1 ROAS in aggregate across all sports and campaigns.

"Working with Paciolan and utilizing Mogo's advanced technology, including interactive dashboards, has allowed us to get very specific and targeted with our messaging and also monitor performance daily so we can make adjustments across platforms. In addition to being able to understand the path to conversion and review granular reports, we have also activated lead gen campaigns to build an interest database across multiple sports," said Meghan Fitzgerald, Assistant AD for Marketing and Fan Development at NC State.

Here, we look at some best practices and opportunities.

NCinstastory.gifEffective targeting is key. You can have the best creative in the world but it won’t work if no one sees it. NC State knows how to find their fans. They utilize CRM lists, lookalike audiences, affinity targeting and strategies including a/b testing when applicable to ensure that their creative gets in front of the most applicable audience. (For a deeper look at audiences, refer to our April 2018 article on the PAC Blog)

Once you’ve identified your audience, it’s important to engage them with eye-catching creative where they spend their time online. NC State takes advantage of every ad placement possible and has been an early adopter of new placement opportunities to enhance their digital marketing campaigns. 

NC State was one of the first to implement Instagram Story Video ads. With a full screen, vertical format, NC State shares videos that show up organically as fans watch their Instagram stories, immersing them in Wolfpack content.

NCStatevid.gifNC State also utilizes video to enhance social content, incorporating footage into several video ads. In a recent campaign, NC State incorporated behind the scenes footage, drawing audiences in with a new perspective of their football team.

Carousel ads also incorporate an interactive element to advertising, showcasing several images on social platforms. 

NC State also utilizes marketing automation to provide season ticket holders with renewal PURLs for Football and Men's Basketball. These custom links provide a personalized experience for each user, addressing them by name, including a video, and including their unique account information. In addition to the renewal deadline and a call to action to renew, the PURL includes the option to download an invoice, a list of opponents, and an FAQ section with frequently asked ticketing and parking information.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 12.05.45 PM.pngCombining Paciolan’s integrated services can increase their power exponentially. One robust duo brings together digital marketing including Facebook and Instagram forms with lead nurturing through Salesforce. 

"Our digital strategy provides additional awareness and branding efforts, but our tactics and integration with Salesforce allows our Sales Team to focus on warm leads and a higher success for conversion. These leads continue to get evaluated through a scoring model as we follow our customers through the sales journey," Meghan added.


An organization could run a digital advertising campaign with specific targeting and exclusions in order to promote sign-up forms for information about group sales, season tickets, or premium seating opportunities including suites. In order to nurture high-touch leads, this call to action leads straight to a form within the social media platform that collects any data that is desired, which then publishes qualified leads directly to Salesforce.

This is a great way to continuously uncover qualified leads for group sales, season tickets or premium seating options, as well as build a stronger database for more effective retargeting.