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Nov 16, 2021

Digital Marketing for Bowl Games

It’s November, it’s starting to feel like the holidays, and you know what that means…it’s almost time to prep for bowl games! Managing your marketing campaign for a bowl game can be hectic with getting assets turned around quickly and hitting new demographics. So we’ve put together a few tips and ad examples to help get your digital team through post-season.

Digital Marketing Tips

  • Build your retargeting audiences early! For example, with any web pages for announcements, make sure you capture those in a retargeting audience. 
  • Leverage your organic Facebook events and videos for additional targeting in your Facebook campaign. We can target anyone that interacted with an event or video. 
  • Get creative ahead of time and create it without the opponent or game time info to get started, then update later. 
  • Call out the location in your ads and use geographic targeted messaging for fans in that destination. 
  • Include multiple media channels to ensure numerous touchpoints in your campaign. 
  • Compliment any promotional offers or local initiatives with specific ads for those targets and offers.

Tulane – Armed Forces Bowl ads on Facebook & Instagram and Display. Tulane utilized both retargeting and prospecting strategies for website visitors and Green Wave fans in Fort Worth.

digital blog bowl games_body-emails_Tulane.png

Wisconsin – Rose Bowl ads on Google Search, Display, and Facebook & Instagram. The Badgers leveraged target audiences for their fans in California, ticket buyers from that football season, visitors of the bowl game eVenue pages, and their Rose Bowl Facebook Event.

digital blog bowl games_body-emails_wisc 2.png


Virginia Tech – Belk Bowl ads on Facebook & Instagram and Display. The Hokies also targeted fans in both their local DMA and the bowl destination, along with visitors from their football eVenue pages that season.

digital blog bowl games_body-emails_VT.png

Cal Bears – RedBox Bowl ads on Google Search, Display, and Facebook & Instagram. Cal used multiple creatives on social with two videos and one image. In addition to website retargeting, Cal utilized Facebook page followers, alumni, and custom affinity audiences.


digital blog bowl games_body-emails_cal.png

authorPost by Zaundra Butler, Digital Marketing Manager, Paciolan