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Aug 25, 2021

Digital Wallet Dashboard

Find out who is ready for event day!

Mobile ticketing and passes continue to drive the event industry forward and power a seamless consumer experience. Paciolan has stayed committed to delivering numerous improved digital options, including Contactless Ticketing, Deliver Tickets via Text, NFC enablement, and Digital Wallet Integration.

Why stop there? We’ve gone a step further.

Now, you can gain insight that helps you understand how many digital wallet passes have been printed and added to a mobile wallet. The dashboard lets you drill down into multiple levels of data and gives you the answers you need to set up campaigns like - Add to Wallet reminders.

The secret recipe to help make entering the venue faster.

Event day can be total mayhem for both the fan and the teams. Fans don’t want to be “that person” holding up the line, searching frantically through their pockets for their printed tickets. Or producing sweaty palms trying to get help on adding tickets to digital wallet minutes before the event starts. This could delay entrances, and before you know it, staff become overwhelmed looking at the long lines and anxiously needing to get fans in their seats.

Let data help you! Leading up to the event, view the data found in the Digital Wallet dashboard and determine whether 'Add to Wallet' education materials need to be promoted or potential staff add-ons need to be prepared.

“The Digital Wallet dashboard has made an immediate positive impact on our mobile ticket strategy. As a large stadium with poor cell phone connectivity, our transition to mobile relies on ensuring fans add tickets to their wallet before arriving at the game. We have already seen very positive gains by directly communicating to those who have not yet done that. As we head into the season, we’ll be using this tool daily.”

Adam DunnAssociate Athletic Director for Marketing/Fan Engagement and Experience, University of Michigan

Chart Features:

KPI Scorecards

How are your digital wallet downloads progressing? This chart gives you a glance at total passes and passes not in a digital wallet. In addition, it breaks down unique accounts associated with the passes.


Digital Wallet Type

​​Curious what wallet type is being used? We got you covered! This chart shows you a percentage breakdown of passes added to a wallet for both Google and Apple.


Wallet Status By Account

Craving more data insight? The interactive pie chart shows which specific accounts have added all their tickets to the digital wallet, part of their tickets, or none at all. Make this data actionable by extracting the account details and sending out communications based on your needs.


To get started on these Digital Wallet Passes dashboards, go to PAC Community!