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Nov 8, 2021

Discovering Einstein Search

Einstein Search allows users to create lists more easily. Using Natural Language search in conjunction with Einstein’s personalization, reps can create basic lists directly from the search bar. For instance, a rep can search my open opportunities, and salesforce will pull up those records and order them based on the objects/fields that Einstein has deemed most important based on the rep’s behavior. If a rep typically focuses on opportunities where the contacts stem from a certain region, those open opportunities will be placed at the top. Now, reps can also pull up more specific lists than open opportunities such as:

  • Accounts created last 4 weeks
  • New opportunities in Texas last month
  • My team’s accounts in Indiana
  • User’s contacts in California
  • Cases in progress today
  • Leads in Cleveland last quarter

The main tip when using Natural Searching is to be concise and specific. Spell out locations, names, or short descriptions. These are basic lists and the filtering is not exact.

item 1.png

Another use of Einstein Search is the ease of account access. You can now preview an account and its related lists from the search bar. This allows reps to quickly scan over information, without having to do a full search.

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Learn more here:

Einstein Search

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authorPost by Harrison Gore, Analyst - CRM, Paciolan