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Aug 27, 2021

Don't Abandon Your Cart Abandonment Campaign

Live events are back! Many people are excited about attending events in person again, but some may have not yet pulled the trigger and made a purchase. We are here to help you get those fans back into your venue.

One simple yet effective campaign you can start right now is a cart abandonment campaign. Using marketing automation, you can send email reminders to those who abandoned their cart, letting them know what they’ve left behind. Then, when your internal staff knows what customers are adding to their cart, they can follow up (whether by automated email or phone call) and help them finish their transaction, leading to more revenue.

Check out these great examples of recent cart abandonment campaigns from USC, Notre Dame, and Fox Theatre. 


usc and nd.png

fox theatre example.png

Reach out to your Paciolan Marketing Automation Specialist for how to get started!

authorPost by Kate Hammond, Marketing Automation Strategist, Paciolan