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June 16, 2020

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

What is it?

Let artificial intelligence help you and your team prioritize opportunities so you can close more deals. Each opportunity is given a score, from 1 to 99, which is available on opportunity records, list views, and reports.

How does it work?

blog_sf-einstein_body1.pngSalesforce Einstein uses a robust artificial intelligence algorithm to assign every open Opportunity a score. For each opportunity score, Einstein shows the factors that have contributed the most to the score, both positively and negatively. Use scoring on Opportunity records, in list views, and reports.

When Can I Get It?

Right now! You must have at least 200 closed-won opportunities in the last two years, each with a lifespan of at least two days. If that sounds like you, talk to your Salesforce Admin about Opportunity Scoring today!

authorPost by Andrew Campbell, Analyst - CRM, Paciolan