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Sep 11, 2018

Email Clipping: What and Why?

You have an important email you’re preparing to send out. You’ve noticed occasionally that when previewing it in Gmail, it appears to get cut off!  Instead, a message that reads “(Message Clipped)” or a link that reads  “View Entire Message” is shown instead of your Upcoming Events!

Your email has been clipped, and there are some important steps you should take to prohibit it from occurring again.

message clipped

Why and When Does This Happen

  • Gmail limits their email HTML file size to 102kb. Anything larger, and it will not be rendered.
  • Present in both desktop webmail and mobile app.
  • If your HTML has a lot of styled text, multiple columns (3 or more stacking columns), this will vastly increase the size of the HTML file.
  • If you send multiple proofs using the same subject. Remember to change the subject of your proofs. (*I use Proof 1, 2, 3 and so on)
  • When emails are packed with TOO Much Content. (Ever try packing for a 7 day vacation into a simple carry-on bag?)

Why Should You Care?

  • Your subscribers deserve a better experience!
  • Do you click on “view entire message” if you encounter this within your personal email? Neither do I.
  • In this mobile age, speed and convenience rules. No one has time for more clicks.
  • If your subscribers cannot access the “unsubscribe link” below your footer, your clipped email does not comply with CAN-SPAM act! This will result in deliverability issues.

What Can You Do?

  • Simplify your email. Keep it short and concise, yet valuable and engaging.
  • Limit the message of your email. Then, create an additional delivery to include other content that you have removed.
    • You may be able to further segment these additional deliveries to target a specific audience on your list, rather than spamming everyone.
  • Convert static “live-text” areas that require heavy HTML to image-based content!
    • Set it and forget it, if certain areas do not change = convert to cool images
    • This can drastically reduce your HTML code!
    • This approach can strengthen your email’s branding 
      • Navigation, buttons, section titles
      • Utilize brand fonts within graphic elements
    • Text should be big, bold and short. Remember it will be commonly read on a smartphone. Roughly 50% size of the desktop view.
  • Georgia and Purdue both do a great job at creating emails that do not get clipped
    • Purdue's email features nice images in their 'Game Day' section and a clear list of upcoming events.
    • Georgia created a header with images instead of buttons to showcase unique branding. They also included eye-catching banners with clear call-to-action buttons


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Rick Boyer, Web Designer
FanOne Marketing Automation