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Sep 21, 2021

Encourage Fans to Download Digital Passes Prior to Your Event

The newly released Digital Wallet Dashboard in the PAC Platform gives excellent insight into how many fans have downloaded their digital passes into their wallet. 

Please keep reading to learn how you can leverage this data to communicate to customers via email who have yet to download their tickets before the event.

Digital Wallet Downloads Infographic Final.jpg

STEP 1: Download a list of fans who haven’t added tickets to their wallet

You can download specific data from the Data & Insights, including “passes not in digital wallet,” in two different ways. View step-by-step instructions.

STEP 2: Prepare your email content

Be concise and focus on the importance of getting tickets downloaded to the wallet to avoid issues on the event day. Less is more. Utilize a quick link to your mobile ticket information page on your content site instead of including everything in your email body. Check out these great mobile ticket download reminders!

View enlarged versions of University of Michigan, Texas A&M, UCLA, Purdue, Iowa, Army, Oklahoma, and Navy mobile ticket download reminders. 



STEP 3: Send your email  

Find your tailored instructions below! 

We recommend sending multiple reminder emails leading up to the day of your event.


  • PAC Mail Customers

Utilize this data by simply importing and targeting a manual list in PAC Mail. Click here to read the article on the Paciolan Community Portal for a step-by-step guide for importing files into PAC Mail.

  • Marketing Automation Customers Using Adobe Campaign

Utilize this data by simply importing and targeting a manual list in Adobe Campaign. If you are including account data like Account ID or PIN Number in your email copy, be sure to upload your list to match on Account ID instead of matching by Email Address to ensure the correct Paciolan Account receives the email.

Questions on uploading and targeting a list? Contact your Marketing Automation Rep for assistance! 

Reminder: Current clients using Adobe Campaign can create automated mobile ticketing reminders that send to ALL customers who have purchased tickets in the mobile disposition after or before your event. Click here to check out a blog post with more ideas on this type of campaign.

  • Marketing Automation Customers Using Eloqua

Once you have transitioned to Oracle Eloqua, you can upload contacts directly to a segment to target for this campaign. Once your segment is created, you can send a simple campaign to your audience.

Soon in Eloqua, you will also have access to the “Added to Wallet” field available to filter on along with other standard ticket fields likes season code and item code. Once this data is live in Eloqua, we will create highly segmented, automated mobile download reminder campaigns to send to only those patrons who have not yet downloaded their tickets. Something to look forward to in the future!



authorMichaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan

authorVictoria Ho, Product Marketing Manager, Paciolan