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June 9, 2020

Engaging with your Donors through Marketing Automation

Are you looking to grow your donor base and nurture your existing donors? Check out these campaign ideas through Marketing Automation.

Personalized URLs

Give donors some love with a personalized locker room experience. With a personalized website through marketing automation, you can provide donors important facts and account information while encouraging them to donate online. With some development time, these customized microsites can be a great communication tool during this time.  


Virtual Events

Time to get phigital! Blend the physical and digital and turn your annual coaches tour into a virtual one-night event. Use a fan-favorite host who fields Q&A’s with all participating coaches. Add some local favorite music artists for live entertainment between each coach for extra fun! If your event is open to the public, work with your Digital Marketing Specialist to get a form created to capture leads from this event so they can get added to your email communications.  


Community Engagement Campaign

We have all seen more compassion develop in the world lately. Allow people to give back to your community and donate tickets to health care workers on the front lines of COVID-19. If donated tickets are purchased, you can even work with your Digital Marketing Specialist and have an automated thank you message get sent straight to their inbox.  

blog_engagingDonor-MA_body-CommunityEngagement .jpg

blog_engagingDonor-MA_body-cartAbandon.jpgDonation Cart Abandonment & Web Nurturing

Target those warm leads who visit your high-value webpages or those who were only a click away from making a gift. Work with your Digital Marketing Specialist to place tracking tags on your chosen webpages and automate an email communication to be sent automatically to these donor prospects.  

blog_engagingDonor-MA_body-invoice.jpgDonation Digital Invoice

Sharing information is more critical than ever. Give donors a quick and easy view of their donation summary with a digital invoice through Marketing Automation. This data is pulled in near real-time from their tFund or Pac Fund account!


Reach out to your Marketing Automation Representative today to discuss any of these donor engagement campaigns!

authorPost by Kate Hammond, Digital Marketing Specialist, Paciolan