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Feb 8, 2021

Enhance your Patron Experience with Souvenir Tickets

Technology has forced change in practically every experience and individual, even those most persistent on dwelling in the past. Most great societal luxuries are due to technological advancements, which have made significant improvements in health, travel, education, and even the sports and entertainment industries – to name a few.

Mobile fitness tracking apps have made it possible to improve our pace to win that big race and receive the coveted gold medal. Aerospace engineering enabled access to far-off destinations that we fondly showboat souvenirs from on our desks. Online learning empowered us to raise a family, keep multiple jobs, and still earn a diploma to hang on the wall. And mobile ticketing has improved event entry by keeping it simple, safe, and contactless.

So, if our advancements have made us this fortunate, why do we miss so many physical relics from the past? The most obvious answer involves the psychology of collecting. Collecting allows people to connect themselves to a period they hold strong memories of. In short, items from the past tell the stories we wish to hold on to. And, as any true fan will tell you when it comes to sports and entertainment, every ticket stub has a story.

For some fans, holding onto tickets is a sacred and hallowed ritual. They can look at any given stub and recall the sound of the organs against the metal clink of the bat making contact. They can feel the crushed peanuts beneath the soles of their shoes and the weight of their father’s grip on their shoulder when the ball popped over left field. With a ticket, the perfect day becomes perfectly packaged like a ring from your high-school championship or a stamp on your passport from the first time you laid eyes on Machu Pichu.

Undeniably, technology advancements have made the traditional ticket somewhat obsolete, and hey, that’s okay. Not everyone reminisces the same, and these improvements have proven to be much more sustainable. But shouldn’t the die-hards, the collectors, and those with a taste for fandom interior design still at least have the option to receive a physical ticket?

pacnet21-premiere_WWL_direct souvenir.png Weldon, Williams & Lick thinks so. Their solution, Direct Souvenir, is an online souvenir ticketing and fulfillment platform that allows event holders to grow revenue and fan loyalty. The souvenir ticket product features a custom-built web page for the organization, data collection, and payment allocation. This system, which includes fulfillment, is designed to remove the previous stress and headaches caused by traditional ticketing booths. All you need to do is submit the artwork.

Because of its ease of use, Direct Souvenir allows brands to focus on what matters, the fans. Without the intimidation of any upfront costs and all the benefits of an added revenue stream, Direct Souvenir aims to bring back that loving feeling of a physical ticket. The icing on the cake? These souvenir tickets are available to only those who opt-in for the product, keeping the environmental conscientiousness of a mobile ticketing platform alive.

wwl-blog_020821_body-1.pngHave any questions about Direct Souvenir?

Contact the team at WW&L for more information, and start enhancing your patron experience with souvenir tickets today!