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Aug 16, 2018

Event Prep for a Successful Season

This week’s Learning Center Series webinar looked at top tips on preparing for a successful season.


John Chermak, Applications Specialist with Paciolan, walked attendees through important things to remember as you prepare for Fall events.


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In case you missed it, here were the Top Tips for Preparing for a Successful Event.


Tech Tips:


  • In the back office, make sure all of your operators have access including their own Batch and House account, as well as eligible hold codes.


  • One best practice we’ve seen is to have separate controls for event day: One that is very specific just for the events going on that day, and another that is available to all future events. This is great for new staff because they can then concentrate on ongoing events and not worry about setting up accounts for future sales.


  • Barcodes are created when tickets are printed, so once you’ve printed tickets, that’s when they’re sent over to AM Monitor to reconcile.


  • Refrain from printing large quantities of tickets for upcoming events on the day of a game or show. Based on when you select to print, those tickets will be placed immediately into the queue, meaning that any tickets that you then are printing for the day’s event are now behind the larger group of tickets. You don’t want someone who has just bought a ticket to walk to the gate to get scanned in only to learn their ticket isn’t yet valid because you’re printing 2,000 tickets to an event that isn’t until next week.


  • Balance your Barcodes – both the day before and the morning of an event. We suggest you run several reports to make sure you’re prepared for an event, including: Chart Reports, Customer Location Report, Event Inquiry, Audit Report, and an Order Event Status Report


  • Have login and password information on hand for doing exchanges or reprints so users who aren’t using your system each day have it readily available.


  • Test Your Hardware! Print off test tickets to scan and make sure you’re getting a good scan at each of your gates. That includes student tickets, single and season tickets, and access passes.


  • Have backup supplies for each location including charged batteries, extra handhelds and card reader attachments.


Other Event Day Tips:


  • Have full time and more experienced staff near less experienced staff to provide help with troubleshooting.


  • Create a ‘Quick Sheet’ with important event information such as ticket availability for events, gate information, Will Call, and important locations such as concessions stands, ATMs, restrooms, merchandise, etc.


  • Put together a list of important phone numbers or channels where managers and supervisors can be reached. Make it pocket-sized, laminate it, and have each user clip them to their credentials.


  • Make sure you provide enough information to your ushers and seasonal staff. The ticket office or box office may not be directly responsible for what’s happening at the gate, but perception is everything and you want to ensure your guests have a fantastic experience.


  • Know what questions to ask customers to help troubleshoot basic issues: “How did you get your tickets?” “Do you have your order confirmation email with you?” “Do you have a photo ID with you?”


  • Don’t work in a silo! Have all marketing information as far as promotions or handouts, development information including any special events or receptions for alumni and donors, and general stadium and game day operations info.


  • Shorten lines with clear signage and patron outreach, promoting print-at-home and mobile tickets, communicating effectively in advance regarding event day info, and having clear signage and lines for Credit Card/Cash Only and Ticket Resolution or Student windows.


  • If you do need to contact Paciolan, optimize resolution time with key information by providing as many details to the issue as possible and appointing one person to make the call and work with Paciolan toward a solution.


For a more in-depth review, view the recording on the PSO.