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Feb 10, 2021

Protect Your Fan's Experience

As the world continues to move towards a version of normalcy, we in the live event space are often left with more questions than answers. However, after months of unknowns, some things are becoming a bit more clear. Events will be back, fans will once again pack your stadiums and venues, and preparation will be essential.

When it comes to fans protecting those experiences, FanShield by Protecht is unlike any other. We at Protecht are excited to bring our award-winning technology and passion for protecting what matters to Paciolan and their wonderful partners.

protecht-blog_021021_body-3.jpgAs you prepare to safely welcome fans back into venues, we know that some fans will face heightened concerns about purchasing tickets in advance. That is where FanShield’s option becomes a pivotal addition to your offering. Fans will feel peace of mind knowing that their tickets' cost can be covered should something unforeseen prevent them from attending.

Our state-of-the-art technology has been integrated directly into the Paciolan platform and is currently available to be turned on at any time. The widget itself comes with analytic tracking features to keep you and your team updated live as policies are purchased, and claims are approved. The claims process itself is handled entirely in FanShield’s ecosystem. Our in-house customer service team is there for any additional questions or needs, so there should be no additional hassle to your customer service team.

We believe in the true virtues of a continued partnership. FanShield/Protecht is eager and excited to continue to walk alongside our partners, especially following integration. Our team of representatives is always available to help answer questions, share marketing materials, provide best practices, and more.

protecht-blog_021021_body-1.jpgAt Protecht, we are fans. We built FanShield with people like us in mind. Our protection-driven technology was created to give peace of mind in the moments that matter most.

For questions specific to FanShield, please reach out to Tim Albee or Matt Isenogle.