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Sep 16, 2020

Fast Integration: My Texas Fan Cutouts

With some fans unable to join their favorite teams in the stadium this fall, Texas Athletics came up with an integrated solution to include fans from afar, while helping to support the health and safety of the student-athletes.

Texas Athletics released limited-edition My Texas Fan Cutouts, sold online through eVenue. After purchase, fans can upload their favorite photo of themselves, family members, or pets to show their Longhorn support in Memorial Stadium. Proceeds will provide health and safety resources to student athletics including weekly COVID-19 testing, clean masks, and face shields, as well as virtual tutoring, grab-n-go meals, and many more safety precautions.


Below is an example of an automated email a fan will receive after their purchase through Marketing Automation, enabling them to upload their photos. This email is passing through valuable account and purchase information to the Texas photo upload website created internally to help connect the dots with photos and purchasers. This automated campaign was pushed live quickly to help make the process as smooth as possible for the customer and was a quick win for the team at Texas.

Texas Cutouts Automated Confirmation.png


The Result...


authorPost by Gina Cossavella, Corporate Marketing Coordinator, Paciolan