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Apr 26, 2021

Fueling Your Subscriber Database with Digital Ads

Looking to increase subscriptions to its recently updated "Tech Talking Points" weekly email newsletter, Virginia Tech utilized digital advertising to reach its goal.

With a paid social media campaign, they effectively targeted new audiences to grow their email newsletter subscribers plus increased web traffic to their newsletter information page on hokiesports.com.


Campaign Strategy

To ensure success, Virginia Tech employed a two-prong approach by retargeting from the website and Hokies interest-based outreach. Website retargeting focused on visitors to the News, Schedules, or any Sports homepages on hokiesports.com being directed to the newsletter page. Anyone displaying interest in the Virginia Tech Hokies was shown digital ads that also led fans to their online newsletter information page with the "Tech Talking Points" Sign-Up form that syncs directly to their marketing automation database.

Campaign Results and Insights

The paid social campaign was live for one month and overall was a very successful push for increased subscribers and web traffic for the "Tech Talking Points" e-newsletter.

  • 0.75% Link Click-Through Rate, bringing in 2,201 link clicks
  • 181 new subscribers added to their marketing automation database during the digital ad campaign
  • +342% unique pageviews and -3% bounce rate to the sign-up page when compared to the previous 30 days
  • +655% unique pageviews and an -8% bounce rate when compared to last year


If you're interested in fueling your marketing automation database with digital ads, contact your digital marketing rep to create a plan that meets your goals!

authorPost by Zaundra Butler, Digital Marketing Manager, Paciolan