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Nov 13, 2018

How It’s Made: Seats3D Venue Visualization

Ballena Technologies has been partnering with entertainment venues, professional and collegiate sports teams for more than a decade. Having worked together for years, Ballena officially became a member of the Paciolan family in 2015.  Seats3D, the industry’s leading venue visualization product, allows fans to see interactive views from every section of a venue, providing enhanced customer service opportunities. These virtual venues improve the online ticketing experience by familiarizing potential customers with a facility, creating excitement, sales, and customer satisfaction.


You may have clicked through Seats3D venues for Providence College, Pocono Raceway, Fox Theatre Atlanta, and other facilities. Have you ever stopped to wonder, “but how is it made?” Here, we look through the steps in the process with Fox Theatre Atlanta.


1. A member of our team travels to the venue where they meet with the client to take hundreds of photos and several hours of video to document and measure every aspect of the venue.



2. Once we have all the reference material, the venue is assigned to one of our teams. Over the course of a week or two, they meticulously plot out every row, aisle, and pathway to ensure the dimensions are accurate and we will be able to fill the venue with all seats that could potentially be required for a seat selection. This initial block out is double and triple checked by several members of the management staff to ensure accuracy.



3. Once the management team has signed off on the dimensions, modeling work begins in earnest. Every aspect of the venue from the hand rails to ceiling lights is modeled, positioned, and textured by our teams over the course of four to six weeks.



4. Simultaneously, a separate team is working on the overhead view of the venue. Once all the modeling, texturing, and lighting has been completed, samples are sent to the client for approval. After several rounds of feedback from the client (during which they approve the overhead angle and all the locations we will have views from on the final site), we finalize the project by creating a camera and rendering out the views throughout the venue. An HTML5 website is created from these views and overhead map, and once all the elements are in place, a test site is sent to the client. This process typically takes no more than three weeks. They have the opportunity to adjust pricing and descriptions on the site. Once they are satisfied and have approved the site, it’s pushed live and made available to the public.



5. From there, the Seat Selection team takes the Seats3D assets and uses them to create a Seat Selection site. Should the client need any changes to pricing or descriptions after the site has gone live, they just need to contact us with the updates and we can typically take care of those with a day. 


Explore the Fox Theatre Atlanta 360 Seat Map.