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May 17, 2018

How YouTube Influences Your Audience

The amount of time consumers spend watching video online is growing. Research shows consumers purchase intent is persuaded by online video (YouTube). In fact, TrueView Campaigns can increase sales by as much as 78%! Here’s what you need to know when it comes to online video advertisement. 


TrueView Campaigns:

  • Google's TrueView is a YouTube video ad giving the viewer options, such as skipping.
  • Users must see the video ad for five seconds before having the option to continue watching or skip.
  • You only pay when the user has watched at least 30 seconds of the video ad (or in the case of 6-second and 15-second videos, the entire video). The first five seconds is free compulsory advertising that you can leverage to get your message to all users.
  • Users who engage with video ads on a page convert 60% higher than those who don't engage with video advertisements.
  • During primetime, more 18-49-year olds watch YouTube than any TV network.


pocono.jpgVideo Ad Best Practices

  • Length
    • 0:06 video
    • 0:15 video
    • 0:30 video
  • Engage the user with your message in the first 5 seconds before they are able to skip
    • YouTube viewers see 'Pocono Raceway - The Tricky Triangle' and that NASCAR is at the track within the first five seconds of this clip. 
  • Include shots of crowd
    • (A/B tested that consumers click and purchase more when crowd shots are in the video)


For more information about online video advertising, reach out to the Paciolan Digital Marketing Team