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Oct 5, 2020

Identifying Donor Leads in Salesforce

Identifying Donor Leads

With live event attendance being limited world-wide, identifying new revenue streams within a fanbase is crucial to a successful fiscal year. Use reports and dashboards in Salesforce to automatically identify prospects and put the best leads in front of your team. Here are three examples of campaigns the Paciolan community is running now.

Opportunity Upgrades

Use reporting to show an account's progress towards their next level of giving. Knowing the exact dollar amount to reach the next level of donating can catch accounts likely to upgrade this season, and can empower a Donation Officer with a talking point on the phone.

OppUpgrades Pic1.png

Web Visits

WebVisits Pic2.png In conjunction with FanOne Marketing Automation, we can use Salesforce Dashboards to track visits to specific webpages. Use components like this to prioritize outreach to those accounts actively engaging with a fundraising page on your website.

WebVisits Pic3.png


Last Year/Some Year But Unfortunately Not This [Year]. Use LYBUNTS and SYBUNTS to identify donors that have been active in the past but have not yet made a gift for this year.

Lybunts Pic1.png

And, don't forget, creating Opportunities on these accounts can track the success of any LYBUNT or SYBUNT campaign.

Lybunts Pic2.png

authorPost by Andrew Campbell, Analyst - CRM, Paciolan