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Aug 17, 2023

In Our Video Era

The Importance of Video Creative …Ready For It?

With the unique ability to captivate an audience, video has become imperative in digital strategy and success.

Video content uniquely captures attention, conveys narratives, and allows for emotional connections in ways that static content simply cannot. Video engages multiple senses simultaneously, enabling your brand to showcase experiences and tell stories with a dynamic visual and auditory impact that resonates deeply and enhances brand recall. In this era of fleeting attention spans, incorporating video creative into digital advertising strategies has become essential for brands to foster meaningful connections, drive conversions, and ultimately carve out a lasting digital presence.

Cal Football - TikTok

Vertical Videos Will Never Go Out of Style

Incorporating vertical video in your digital plans is no longer a nice add-in. It’s a necessity. Not only do we need the traditional 16:9 horizontal video for your digital placements, but also a vertical 9:16 version to fit into the short format social placements, including Stories, Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, etc., typically a 0:15 or less spot.

I can hear your creative resources calling, "It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem. It’s me.” We get it; sometimes, the vertical version of the video isn’t easy to get. With help from our Google partnership, we have options for converting horizontal YouTube videos to vertical ones.

The Fearless ABCD’s of Creative

Good creative starts with the ABCD principles. This is how Google has outlined the 4 top principles of effective video ads. It is a simple yet efficient reminder of the key levers advertisers can pull to drive impact.


Hook and sustain attention with an immersive story. Draw in the viewer from the start!

Brand early, often, and richly. Use a range of branding elements to show the viewer who you are. 

Help people think or feel something. How can you create a connection through the experience of those ticket sales. 

Ask them to take action. Include a clear CTA.

Ways To Make Your Media Mix Shimmer

  • Meta Ads, with placements in the Feed, Stories, and Reels. Keep videos shorter for the scrollers here. Capturing attention in the first few seconds will help stop thumbs while including brand recognition or call to action. Pair it with a graphic ad to get the most engagement in your Meta campaign.
  • YouTube Ads can be used for reach or for action, depending on your goals. YouTube Shorts inventory can also be included with the addition of a vertical video of 15 seconds or less.
  • Performance Max, with YouTube being one of the available placements. Performance Max requires both static and video creative.
  • OTT and Connected TV. Catch the cord-cutters with placements in streaming TV with 0:15 and 0:30 spots.
  • TikTok Ads must have creative that fits the app’s style with trending sounds, appropriate fonts, and, of course, FUN.
  • Spotify Ads typically see higher click-through rates with video. Just be sure that the voiceover in the video is good enough on its own for users not looking at the screen.

Cinematic Success (PAC Community Version)

Successful video creatives in the community. 

Illinois FamiLLy First - Instagram Reels

Auburn Football - Facebook Feed

Professional Bull Riders - Spotify

MSU Built on Will Campaign

NHRA Winternationals - YouTube

Texas Performing Arts Blippi On Tour Campaign

Virginia Tech Football Kickoff Campaign

Fabulous Fox, Six The Musical - OTT Video

Reach out to your Pac Digital rep if you want to discuss a creative review with our Google partners or want to try out a new video campaign!


author Zaundra Butler, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Paciolan