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Oct 2, 2018

Increasing ROI and Engagement with Scan-In Campaigns

Scan-in Campaigns can create the ultimate welcoming experience for attendees at your facility. When fans and patrons enter your venue and scan their ticket, marketing automation can automatically send them a personalized email. These triggered messages can provide fans with information about upcoming events, details about the venue, or merchandise and food and beverage specials. Scan-in campaigns provide valuable information to your attendees while also strengthening fan relationships by sending engaging messages and potentially serving as an additional source of revenue. 



Here, Iowa Events Center used a marketing automation scan-in campaign for multiple purposes. Not only does the email detail specific food and beverage specials, it provides a link to the facility map for further fan convenience. Also, Iowa Events Center highlighted two specific upcoming events. In this case, nearly 2,000 messages were sent, resulting in a massive open rate of more than 40%. Because of this email, additional tickets were sold to the promoted events, leading to more than $1,500 in incremental revenue.