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Oct 8, 2020

Keep Them Coming to Your Site with SEM!

Your fans and patrons are searching for your content year-round, keep them coming to your site with a search engine marketing campaign. Having an “always-on” or “evergreen” search campaign live throughout the year is beneficial in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of running paid search and some examples from the community!

Why run search when you have little to no events on sale?

  • Keep your fans and patrons coming directly to your website for content.
  • Create an easy experience for the user and be the main source of news and information for your organization.
  • Increase overall site traffic.
  • Easily add upcoming events to your campaign with keywords and extensions.
  • Give love to all your programs. It’s easy to add keywords and site link extensions for all sports or shows and give those users an easy search experience to get to the right page.


Why pay for search when you come up in organic results?

  • You control the messaging and the click-through link on each ad to give the user a pleasing experience when getting the information they need.
  • You have the ability to include several site link extensions, which helps create a more tailored search result for more specific search terms, deep linking directly to that topic.
  • Beat the competition! Keep secondary sellers or websites from getting your web traffic. By having your search ad in the top results, you give the user the ease and opportunity to go straight to the source with you.


Oklahoma City Civic Center

Evergreen search ads include site links to go directly to their most frequented pages as well as all upcoming events on sale. Ads are maintaining a high click-through rate and contributing to site traffic.

OKCCCMH Ad with Reopening extension.png


Cincinnati Arts

Cincinnati Arts included an ad group specific to donations to promote memberships and donations. This is especially beneficial while events are on pause.

Cincinnati Arts Donations.png


Providence College

Providence College included all of their sports programs with deep linked extensions and their recently launched gameday app to promote app downloads.

Providnece College - With Gameday APP extension.png

authorPost by Zaundra Butler, Digital Marketing Manager, Paciolan