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July 28, 2021

"Know Before You Go" Campaigns

The return of events almost certainly means updated venue policies about attending those events. Ensure your customers know exactly what to expect when attending their next event with a strong “Know Before You Go” campaign.

Event reminders or "Know Before You Go" emails can be a great communication tool with your fans. If information changes from event to event, you can create and send these manually as part of your content calendar. If you can standardize your event reminder, you can set up an automated campaign to automatically deliver these event reminders and help your staff be more efficient.

To get started on a "Know Before You Go" campaign, you will need a strong email design. This email should let your fans know about new COVID policies, parking and gate times, concessions and merchandise specials, and anything you feel your fans should know before your event. 

Performing Arts & Athletics Examples

Click here for enlarged versions of Texas Performing Arts, Mississippi State, and Stanford emails.



You can also keep your "Know Before You Go" email short and sweet and link out to great website content. Keep in mind how many of your fans now read email on their mobile device and try a simple design like this Pitt example: 

Pitt Edited.png

As you make the shift to mobile tickets, a "Know Before You Go" email is a great way to remind fans to download their ticket. You can also include a corporate sponsorship placement instead of a physical ticket placement. This campaign is also a great time for any last-minute upsells to premium areas or experiences at your event. Check out the examples below to see how you can incorporate mobile ticketing, sponsorships, and upsells in your next event reminder. 

Click here to see larger versions of these emails from The Fox Theatre and Indiana Athletics.

foxindiana edited v2.png

Once your email design is complete, you will need to define the season and event codes for all upcoming events your email is relevant for. Lastly, work with your Marketing Automation Representative to create a workflow to send at a specific time or cadence, typically 2 days before an event, to make this an automated campaign.

Can’t standardize your email for an entire season?

Now is still a great time to get started on your pre-event communication plan and email design. Create a design where simply the header can be swapped out each even and enjoy those extra hours in your day not spent on email design!

Questions on "Know Before You Go" campaigns? Reach out to your Marketing Automation Representative today!  

authorPost by Michaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan