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Aug 25, 2020

Launching Your Marketing Automation Form and Tracking Results

Now that you're ready to launch your data collection form through Marketing Automation, what next? Read on for tips to launch your form, confirmation email examples, and how you can track and report on results through Salesforce.

Launching Your Form

Once you are ready to launch a Marketing Automation form, you can deliver preloaded links to fans in 3 different ways:

  1. Via Adobe email
  2. On their My Account Page in eVenue after login 
  3. Through their Sales Representative directly on Salesforce.

Providing enough information to your fans is essential in your email launch, but so is making sure it is clear to your customers that a form needs to be submitted. Place your link to the form as high up in the email as you can like this Texas email below to ensure that it is seen without scrolling. Be sure to make sure your button can be easily clicked on mobile as well!  


You can also make your preloaded link available to your fans on individual account layouts in Salesforce. This way, your sales and service team can access a preloaded version of your form for individual accounts on the fly. This comes in handy when the customer is unable to submit the form on their own, or if they have questions on the process before they submit their answer.

Salesforce Form Link.jpg

These links will keep all other features of the form, like an email confirmation, intact, so the customer still receives the appropriate follow up as if they submitted the form themselves.

Another place you can host a customer’s preloaded form is on their My Account Page on eVenue. Once they log in, they can find a link to their form, click through to their personalized form tied to their account, and submit the form smoothly. You can work with your EOS contact to customize the layout and placement of this link on My Account.

While not available in My Account 2.0 on mobile yet, this custom HTML placement is a great way to make your form link available to ALL accounts regardless of email status.

Minnesota eVenue example.jpg

Automated Confirmation Emails

Virginia Tech Confirmation Email.jpgAnother benefit of gathering information from your fans via Marketing Automation forms is the ability to send customized confirmation emails based on their response. Whether you are thanking them for their donation or confirming their donation amount, email confirmations are a great addition to any data collection campaign.


You can even use a single template and populate the response that was submitted using variable data to provide a more personalized confirmation email with the help of some custom HTML script.


Tracking and Reporting Form Responses in Salesforce

Once you have launched your form, how can you track the progress of responses and report on results? You can always export a CSV file of responses straight from Adobe at any time for live results, but you can also utilize Salesforce dashboards and reports to track form submissions.

Use a simple Marketing Activities report to pull what accounts have and have not yet summited their form. 

Salesforce Marketing Activites Report.jpg


You can use reports to track the progress of your forms submits by calculating things like the percent of a Sales rep’s accounts that have submitted a form. This can be aggregated or broken down by sales reps to help your team prioritize accounts.

Salesforce Opportunity Stage Options.jpgCustom opportunities can be a great way to track responses for important campaigns like an opt-in/opt-out campaign. You can create custom stages to meet your needs. Reps can manually update stages as they work through accounts, opportunities can be updated in bulk, or opportunities can be updated automatically as forms are submitted.

If you add products to your opportunity, you can set up a quick dashboard to show not only the number of accounts in a certain opportunity stage but the dollar value associated with each stage. Work with your salesforce administrator to figure out the best way to display the results of your campaign.

Salesforce product reports.png

Salesforce product reports - 2.png

We know this is a lot to think about. Lean on your Salesforce Administrators and Marketing Automation Reps to help guide your strategy for your next data collection campaign! Utilize all of the tools in your toolbox for a smooth experience for your fans and your staff.

authorPost by Michaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan