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July 17, 2018

Making the Most of Creative Content

Every great digital advertising campaign has to have three components: the engine powering it behind the scenes, proper targeting and creative.

While each component is equally important, the creative is the only one that has a visual impact on the targeted ticket buyer. Simply put: creative is the window to any digital advertising strategy. You can have all of the proper buttons pushed and levers pulled behind the scenes to accompany a specific targeting plan, but if your creative isn’t on point, then your campaign will never hit its mark.

Here are a few things to remember when strategizing on what your digital advertising campaigns will look like:

Take advantage of the different web display placement sizes. 300x250, 300x600, 728x90, 970x250 and 160x600 are the standard web sizes and each can either be .jpg, .png or .gif files under 300kb. Make sure you have a 320x50 ad-size created for special mobile banner placements as well.

NC State created attention-getting video ads with sizes for many different placement options, including the Instagram Feed.


With web display, a best practice is to feature a call-to-action button (Click Here to Buy Now!, Buy Now!, Click Here!, etc.). A/B testing is also a smart idea, as comparisons of images on the graphic and the call-to-action button itself can help you find the best combination of elements to engage your target audience.

For Facebook and Instagram ads, less is certainly more. Facebook has buckled down on the amount of text allowed on advertisements in the last few months with the “20% or less” rule seemingly more strict than ever. Hint: you do not need a call-to-action button on creative that is running on Facebook and Instagram.

Use this handy tool to make sure your Facebook and Instagram ads feature 20% or less text: https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay


Be aware of creative sizes as well. Standard Facebook mobile and desktop news feed ad sizes are 1200x628, while the Instagram feed looks best with a 1080x1080 sized ad. Don’t forget to always include an Instagram Story ad as well. This relatively new placement is 1080x1920.

TCU has an eye-catching Instagram Story ad running now.

One of the benefits of using Facebook and Instagram advertising is the ability to use video. Again, less is more. Keep your videos 30 seconds or less, though the most captivating content typically runs about 15 seconds or less. With an Instagram Story ad, the format must be portrait style in orientation and you only have about 10 seconds of time allowed.


For more insights on creative, contact your Paciolan Digital Marketing representative today.