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Dec 11, 2020

Marketing Automation Year in Review Campaign

The end of the year can be a quiet time for email marketing. After a busy year of rescheduled events, solicitations, and new promotional efforts, taking a step back at the end of the year can be useful.

Use this time to thank your fans and provide them a recap of all the great things accomplished in 2020. Whether it is on the field progress, new ways to engage with your team or venue online, philanthropic gifts made by supporters, and even COVID safety protocols carried out by your operations and medical staff; there is a lot to be proud of this year.

Create a captivating email design or even a content piece on your website to link to recap the year, thank you fans for the support, and look ahead to a new chapter in 2021!


authorPost by Michaela Patt, Marketing Automation - Manager, Paciolan