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Mar 4, 2020

Mobile-First Email Templates

As mobile email open rates continue to climb in the industry, remember to check your proofs on your mobile device when designing your emails.


Ask yourself two questions:

  • Is your call-to-action visible without scrolling?

  • Is your message easily communicated upon a glance on your mobile device?


Be sure that you can answer YES to these questions and watch your engagement rates climb on your next campaign!


Check out these great mobile-first examples:


Mobile Template Mocks - Illinois.png

Mobile Template Mocks - Miami.png

Mobile Template Mocks - Navy.png

Mobile Template Mocks - CAA.pngMobile Template Mocks - Nebraska.pngMobile Template Mocks - MD.png  

Mobile Template Mocks - OKCCCMH.pngMobile Template Mocks - Cal.png










Contact your Client Partner or Digital Marketing Strategist to discuss how you can start implementing a mobile-first email strategy.