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Aug 23, 2022

Mobile Playbook: Fresh Updates for 2022

Start this season off on the right foot by diving into our Mobile Playbook, now updated with enhanced mobile capabilities. 

The Playbook gives you the most up-to-date information and tactics to elevate the fan experience and set you up for success.



What’s changed?

For fans and patrons, a smoother ticketing experience on mobile:

The Result: Event tickets with fewer taps and easier transfer tracking.


For operators, updates to the PAC Platform provide better solutions for faster resolutions. 


The Result: More troubleshooting tools are available to help fans and patrons who need a hand. 

Bonus Content

A success story from our community detailing innovations that resulted in successful mobile implementation.


Dig into the Mobile Playbook today, and watch for more updates throughout the season!

authorPost by Kristof Warbritton, Product Marketing Manager, Paciolan