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Nov 26, 2019

Moveable Ink Overview

Marketing automation is an powerful tool that creates an engaging email experience tailored to each fan's preferences and activity.  This allows you to speak directly to specific audiences with messaging that addresses their needs or interests.  The ability to quickly create emails as the need arises is key to taking full advantage of everything Automation has to offer, which can be challenging if you dont have HTML or CSS resources and timing can be prohibative. Moveable Ink is here to help your team get the most out of thier time while creating dynamic engaging emails regardless of their coding skills. 


It is an intuitive platform that empowers your team by giving them the tools to create beautiful emails in a fraction of the time. One of the easiest and fastest ways to build an email is to just upload your fully designed graphic into the platform, slice it up to add in your links, export the HTML, paste into Adobe and you’re ready to send!  Alternatively, if you do not have graphic resources or need a quick one-off email, the platform allows you to create templated sections to use as building blocks.  This empowers your team to quickly turnaround unexpected or one-off emails while maintaining your branding and keeping a consistent aesthetic.




  • No HTML or CSS knowledge required to build dynamic graphic emails
  • Create beautiful emails in as little as 10 minutes
  • Dynamically link emails created from a single graphic
  • Segment building blocks can quickly create emails from scratch
  • Create easily updated templates for recurring emails
  • Quickly swap out graphics to keep creative fresh
  • Graphics are hosted by Moveable Ink so no need to access the Adobe server


What You Need

  • Marketing Automation with Paciolan
    • Moveable Ink is a email creation platform that can be added on to our Marketing Automation services. Reach out to your Client Partner or Digital Marketing Specialist for more information or to set up a demo of this dynamic tool.


Lets say you need something to get out in half hour, if I have the creative its going to get out in 10 minutes not in half hour. Its insanely quick compared the way we used to do things.  Dennis – Wells Fargo Center