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Dec 4, 2019

mPac Update: Improved Permissions and Past Events

For clients who are using mPac, we now have provided improved permissions for your users.  Client admins can now control whether or not a user will see sales data, attendance data or both via the User Role permissions in Pac 8.  Users who were originally part of an mPAC user group will have both of these permissions pre-checked for them.



Also new in this release: mpac2.2.png

  • Past events tab.  You can now see mPac data for events within the last 3 months

  • Enhancement recommendation improvements.  We’ve made it easier to give us new feature requests and you can see and vote on other user-generated requests.

  • Added printed ticket information to the Attendance - Price Level screen

  • Fixed an issue where events could not be favorited after the initial 50-event load